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The Zionist Federation of Sweden (Zionit)

A Swedish subdivision of the World Zionist Organization (WZO).

We are a non-political organization that functions as an umbrella organization to gather and communicate with/between/for all Zionist and Pro-Israel activities in Sweden. Our main goal is to encourage a positive image of Israel and to support all positive pro-Israel initiatives.

We also serve as an information center for those interested in making “Aliyah” or perhaps wishing to work at a kibbutz or wanting to study in Israel. For further questions or inquiries please feel free to contact us at

The activities that we carry out are to arrange and work together with local organizations and institutions in a proactive manner to strengthen Swedish-Israeli connections through seminars, discussion evenings, gatherings and other activities.

For inquiries about activities please feel free to contact


Please support our work by a membership and/or donations since we are a very small department in Sweden with a great amount of work ahead of us. Any contribution would be highly appreciated and would make a big difference.

Donations can be paid to our PlusGiro account 35 98 99-2.

(For 2013 years membership: 250:- and150:- for Students)

With your membership (within Sweden) you will receive a subscription of the E-newsletter “Livet Från den Ljusa Sidan” (a Swedish newsletter about the latest news from Israel within Economics, Technology, Inventions and the Environment) as well as a book by the “Svensk Israel Information” (SII) called “Vanliga frågor och svar om Israel” (Basic questions and answerers about Israel).

The main WZO website: