The Zionist Federation of Sweden’s rally for ISRAEL 2017

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The Zionist Federation of Sweden’s rally for ISRAEL 2017

Sunday, August 27th 2017, 13:00 – 15:00, at Raul Wallenberg Square in Stockholm, Sweden,
the Zionist Federation of Sweden organized a sparkling rally for Israel!

As always, we had an amazing celebration in support of Israel!
We had live music, amazing speakers, surprises of all kinds and a beautiful white & blue sea of Israeli flags!
We was also honored and delighted to officially welcome the new Israeli ambassador to Sweden at the rally!

The Speakers at the rally was:
*Saskia Pantell – President of The Zionist Federation of Sweden;
*Representants from The Jewish Community of Sweden;
*The new Ambassador of Israel in Sweden;
*Mr Hanif Bali – Member of Parliament (M)

and many many more sionists and Pro-Israeli’s. Good folks supporting Israel.

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This event was officially supported by Stoppa Bojkott Mot Israel and JUS.

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If you missed this delightful event don’t be sad, lot more sparkling events, organized by the Zionist Federation of Sweden, will come and you and your friends are invited.____________________________________________________

2 Responses to The Zionist Federation of Sweden’s rally for ISRAEL 2017

  1. Would this event at all be cancelled due to threats or violence?
    I want to know this is happening guaranteed before I book my flight.

    • Dear Chava,
      We will follow through with the rally, always like each year. We unfortunately always have a counter/rally / but this has never stopped us.
      Looking forward to seeing you there!

      All best, ZF Admin