Bli medlem

We are very passionate about the world’s only Jewish State.

Are you?

By becoming a member of The Zionist Federation of Sweden (ZF Sweden), or by donating, You help us continue our battle against misinformation on Israel, and the growing anti-Semitism in Sweden.

Our main goal is to present to the Swedish public a more nuanced image of Israel.
We arrange seminars, pro-Israel rallies, group trips to Israel and much more.

ZF Sweden also functions as an information center for those interested in making ”Aliyah”.

As we are a very small department in Sweden, we need Your help to continue our important work.

Please support us by a membership and/or donations.
Any contribution would be highly appreciated and would make a big difference.

Donations can be paid to our PlusGiro account 35 98 99-2, or via our PayPal account (see below).

Membership for 5776: 350 SEK (40 USD) and 250 SEK (29 USD) for students.

You can also donate through your mobile in Sweden: Swishnr: 123 082 10 74.

For further questions or inquiries please feel free to contact us at