Aliyah – emigrating to Israel

To make Aliyah you need to follow certain steps.

A good start is to get familiar with the World Zionist Organization’s Habayta department.

The Establishment of Habayta – the WZO’s Aliyah Promotion unit, is designed to fulfill one of the goals of the Zionist movement – the settlement of the Jewish State of Israel.

We, in ”Habayta”, work to encourage Aliyah to Israel through public dialogue on the subject. We aim to nurture and support the Aliyah process by developing a sense of community and by strengthening the connections to Israel, promoting various projects that will assist in making the major and most important decision – Aliyah to Israel – Zionism’s major objective.

As one of the WZO’s flagship programs, Habayta is run from the Jerusalem office of the WZO collaborating with all the organization’s departments and partners, with our regional representatives located in various parts of the world, activist federations and organizations, denominations, religious movements and youth movements.
In addition, we cooperate with the diaspora communities – synagogue, school, university and parents activists.

We, in ”Habayta” fully cooperate with members of Jewish communities on a variety of activities that are determined depending on the nature of the community and its specific needs.

You should also contact the Jewish Agency For Israel:
Jewish Agency’s Global Center

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